Monday, April 12, 2010

To Quell Nerves

Two years ago, I made a long pro-con list in hopes that doing so would help me finally deciding where to go for college. I wrote, I thought, I contemplated. I waited until the last possible day to decide and confirm. I regretted my decision for months. It was probably not until the second month after school started that I stopped wondering "What if I had gone to that school!?" Cal has grown on me.

Two Saturdays ago, I met and mingled with a number of high school seniors who were offered admissions to Cal. I could see my 17-year-old, high school senior self in so many of them. Amidst the obvious excitement, I could see the fear in their faces--the sheer uncertainty and confusion. Many expressed that they were feeling quite overwhelmed and stressed as I had felt, from having to make such an important life decision. This school or that school? I offered my best advice and hopefully that helped to calm some nerves.

It really dawned on me through writing this post that it really has been a long two years already. In retrospect and as cliche as it is, time flies. Anyway, congrats to the new Cal admits, the class of 2014!

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