Tuesday, November 9, 2010

oatmeal, please.

Round two of midterms has officially ended. All I really have left to complete up until finals are my sociology papers. The papers don't look too bad, so I'm looking forward to a moderately "chiller" next couple of weeks.

I was craving oatmeal the other day so I bought a huge almost three pound carton/box to have on stock. We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last night (I made about two dozen and we've already finished them), and I just had oatmeal with bananas, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips for brunch. Delicious! Oatmeal phase, maybe?

Monday, November 1, 2010

our san francisco giants have won the world series!

"It was mass chaos. It was hysteria. It was, 'Throw the final pitch, see what the umpire calls, look around for any kind of emotion.' Then there was just dog-piling and punching each other. I was told I gave one of the guys a bloody nose. I just kind of lost myself there.”
— Brian Wilson, on the last out of the game

Well deserved, Giants. This was the season! I only wish I had been in San Francisco to celebrate with the rest of the city (:

I'm totally looking forward to seeing more of the Giants next season--especially Brian Wilson. He's such a G.

...Okay, now I can actually start my school work. Yay for having to study for midterms during the World Series!