Sunday, May 23, 2010

feels more like a home.

I haven't posted in a while, and I totally have finals to blame. Finals put me in to a total funk and I'm just glad they're done and over with. Grades are out and I guess I'm pretty satisfied. I did better than I expected. This past semester has definitely been my toughest yet and that's why I'm pretty surprised that I actually raised my GPA. I was in "deep struggle," but I did work really hard and I guess it paid off (:

On another note, there have been a bunch of changes to and in our apartment. We had a roommate decide to move out and we've had to deal with the repercussions for the past two months. We eventually settled everything and she went on her way. I moved into a new room after finals!

We finally decided to get a couch for our living room to make it feel more like a living room, and for our apartment to feel more homey. Transporting the couch back to the apartment was a total mission. We were being cheap college students and decided that we didn't want to pay $79 for Ikea to ship it, so we took it upon ourselves to load it to the top of our car to drive home ourselves. The couch looked unstable and to be honest, I was getting a bit afraid that we wouldn't be able to secure it safely enough to drive it home. Karina and I even offered to pay for the shipping at one point. We bought a bunch of straps and took advantage of Ikea's free twine and strung and strapped and wrapped that sucker on top of the car. It took oh...only about an hour or so to secure the couch. Wendy was a bit afraid to drive on the freeway with the sofa up top the car, so we took street roads and drove at about a cautious 5 mph.

We made it and it's here. Oh, and that couch cover was the cheapest one we could find at Ikea. Yeah, it may look a little unsightly at first glance, but we've grown to like it. It's like what Tyra calls "ugly pretty".

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