Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's that time of semester again!

I've had a moderately chill first couple weeks of the semester, but as we all know, good things like this come to an end within a couple weeks. It's midterm season. What I most dislike about midterm season is the fact that once it starts, it doesn't seem to end. As soon as I complete my first round of midterms, creeping around the corner is my second round. I have a paper due tomorrow--my first major assignment of the semester--and I'm already feel a bit of strain and stress. Aren't midterms just the best?

On another note, since it's still relatively early in the school semester and midterms haven't truly hit yet (but hey, I should be on my toes and studying all the time) I've tried my best to make some homemade meals instead of relying on microwavable hot pockets. I know that once I'm deep in midterm season, that's all I'll be eating.  There's just no time for anything, but studying. Anyway, I just want to say "Look, I cooked!" I made chicken for tacos!

Oh, something else worth nothing: I obtained a research position with my history professor!
I’ll be digging archives for Black Panther political posters during the era of the Black Power Movement (1960s-1980s) and examining these pieces through the lens of “black cultural politics”. How did these expressive cultural works influence the politics of this era? How did they influence the move to social action? 

I am beyond excited!

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