Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cheshire Mustache

I found a disposable camera in our pantry the other day. I vaguely remembered it being mine. It had a couple more exposures left, so I took it along with me this past week to take some final photos before I got the film developed. After seeing the developed photos, I remembered that the disposable camera was kinda weird in that it added a sort of decorative frame to each photo--like a heart or a mustache. Anyhow, seeing these photos sort of had me missing the good ol' days of big bulky film cameras and film photos. I had loved photography as a kid because I loved the thrill that came with waiting for photos to develop, and finally seeing how they turned out. Maybe I'll go back to film photography for a while. Maybe I'll ask daddy for his film-SLR to play with.

I do really like how some of these shots turned out. I wish the heart photo had come out a little better. It was supposed to be a shot of my awesome Geography professors.

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