Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Post to Procrastinate.

Here I am, posting to procrastinate. I have two midterms coming up this week--one on Wednesday and the other on Thursday. I definitely need to study, but I'm not too sure how to do so. My desk is a mess. I've got powerpoint slides here and there. Loose papers (which I totally despise) are hovering around both my desk and my bed. I've got prepared flash cards in front of me, but I just cannot get myself to look through them.

All I can think about is all the television shows I get to catch up on at week's end.

On another note, I've been photographing my bff Whitney for a fashion blog she shares with her roommate. They're really stylish and definitely worth checking out. Anyway, it's been a really great experience practicing my camera skills on her. I still prefer portraiture over all other forms, but this has definitely been a fun run!

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