Friday, January 21, 2011

enchiladas suizas with the roomies

I love cooking with my roomies! It's not very often that we have time to cook delicious meals, so when we do have the time, we go all out and make it a feast. This entails every one of us pitching in and helping with the preparation of the meal. It's a really fun process actually. We all work very well and cooperatively with one another, which makes meal preparation go smoothly and quickly. At the end of all of our hard work in the kitchen, we get an amazing home-cooked meal!

This past week we made enchiladas suizas. We've made enchiladas rojas before, but that was usually just semi-homemade (using sauce from a can). This time though we actually made the sauce ourselves! Liza and Vanessa patiently charred the Anaheim peppers on our electric make the sauce. The whole apartment smelled super fragrant when they were doing this. Charred peppers smell really good! Wendy made a delicious chipotle-jalapeno bean dip. The rest of us chipped in here and there--boiling the beans, making the Mexican rice, and shredding cheese. It was a delicious meal!

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