Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crystal Lately.

Long time, no posts.

I've just been feeling a little stressed out with school, feeling ridiculously uninspired and just plain lethargic at best. Study, eat ramen, the routine went. I'm finally done with midterms, but I've still got a couple more papers left to churn out, but I'm hoping those won't be too bad. I'm slowly starting to pick myself back up. 7th-inning end-of-semester stretch, right?

I had a nice little conversation with some friends and acquaintances the other day about post-graduate plans and such. They were all business majors and to be honest, it was really nice not hearing the words "pre-med" or "med school" coming out of their mouths as I hear from most of the people I meet here on campus. These folks are so motivated and goal-oriented that they have inspired me to just suck it up and continue to do what I'm doing. I remember someone asking me how I felt about school and the workload I'm doing, and I responding by saying that at times I feel depressed. I quickly took that statement back because "depressed" is such a strong word, and depression is a serious mental issue. I'm not depressed, just occasionally down or discouraged, like the average college student.

It's just been really tough now that I'm essentially fulfilling requirements for three different areas of study--social welfare, education, and nursing, and it can be taxing. Throw in my terrible habit of comparing my life and situation with other folks' lives. I have friends studying abroad this semester and I'll just be honest here, I am jealous to say the least. Sometimes I think if I had planned my college career better and knew what I wanted to do from the start, I could be abroad as well. It's funny that the one thing I thought I knew I was going to do in college--study abroad--is the one thing that I definitely will not be doing. But that's life. It doesn't necessarily always work out as we've planned, and life is some crazy dynamic thing...I guess I've just gotta roll with the punches and just keep swimming.