Friday, April 22, 2011

Flashback Fridays: Statement of Intent

Before my brother graduates from high school a month from now, he'll need to decide where he wants to go for college. My parents forced me to have a little talk with him--let him know his options, share my own experiences, and help guide him on the right path.

All this college-talk took me back to a time three years ago when I was just absolutely the most indecisive person and couldn't decide where I wanted to go to school. I guess my brother is in that same boat right now. I wanted to venture off from home and go to school in Southern California, but a part of me was really scared to make that commitment. Back and forth I contemplated mainly three choices. Finally on the last possible day to submit my statement of intent to register, I picked a school. I wasn't satisfied with my decision initially, wishing I had more time to decide. Prolonging things probably would have made the decision more difficult anyway, if anything. I was anxious and regretted my decision for the longest time. In retrospect, I don't think it was until my second month in college that I actually fully accepted my choice and started to embrace my school and my college experience.

At the end of the day, I can say sure, I occasionally ponder what life would be like at UCLA or UCSD, but I have been a Cal Bear for three years now and I've loved (mostly) every minute of it.

I look forward to hearing from my brother when he makes his decision. It'll be his start to a fantastic four years.

Digression: Anyhow, I just wanted to add that I have had the nicest, stress-free week. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!


  1. must be nice to have an experienced older sister like you!

  2. I never went through this when I graduated HS. I went directly to community college (and work) and now that I think about it, I'm not sure why I didn't give it much thought. years later, (I won't specify how much, too embarrassing haha) I find myself in the same spot, living in my parents house and with nothing too exciting happening. I'll always wonder what dorms are and the experiences I would have encountered, what it is to be away from home, etc.

    I hope your brother makes the right choice and that he's happy where he goes and what he does. He has a good example before him! That's for sure :)


  3. I hope your brother makes the right choice for him! I know how you feel - next year's my last year of high school and I am so indecisive on what I want!

  4. heya :) thanks for your comment!

    I've always wanted to experience college life in the U.S... it just seems like a pretty fantastic time to experience a few unforgettable things in life and of course it's just the perfect opportunity to relish in independence away from home. I'm just gonna have to live vicariously/ see what college is like through your blog! :)

    what are you studying now anyway? I noticed you have quite a few different types of requirements like nursing and social welfare? Are you studying things related to public health?

    your brother is lucky he has you to turn to for advice at least! :)

    happy weekend~~!!!

  5. im glad you are happy with your decision. im one that thinks that college is also what you make of it. so enjoy it and learn as much as possible, cause at the end of the day no book really prepares you for LIFE but actually learning from each experience...

    ps: thanks for passing by and about driving, you just have to do it! it's one of those things, ive now noticed, that if you approach with fear it doesn't work, you just kinda have to grab it with confidence and do it. of course have a nice, fearless and loving person by your side while you practice! :)

  6. deciding what college to go to is such a hard decision! i go to ucsd and i really do love it. i think you just grow onto the school that you go to, but they don't have the major i want to go into so i'm in the process of transferring to a different school.

    thank you for the compliment on my pictures. :) lugging around my dslr really sucks at times because it's so heavy. back then i always carried my canon powershot everywhere with me because it's convenient. once i got a dslr, i stopped carrying a camera around because it became a hassle. i'm getting used to carrying it around, but you're definetly right that it'd be more convenient! thanks for your opinion! :)

  7. i choose and got into my first choice for college but after i got here i wondered if i made the wrong decision. it took a really long time for charleston to feel like a home for me, but it finally does :)

  8. college is such a great time.. good luck to your brother!

  9. haha, I never ended up picking! I am just working working working ;) good luck to your brother!


  10. he's lucky to have an older sister like you! :)

    schools in LA are... FUN. lol. i definitely miss it. though, right now... it's realllly hard and competitive to get into the UC's down in socal. my friends have applied for grad school at UCLA & UCSD with an avg GPA of 4.2 -- & their apps got denied. so i wish him the best of luck! UCSD is definitely a different vibe... you're in la jolla so the rent & everything else is crazy high so its best to have roommates to save some $ on rent. anyway, whatever his decisions are... i hope it's a school that he loves!

    it's always a great choice to go out and explore... it gives a smack in the head and tells you what reality is all about. lol you live and you learn, you know?

    ps. so glad to hear that you had a stress free week. we all deserve that. :) hoping to see you post some more!