Sunday, December 12, 2010

boy do i miss high school.

I had a dream that I was back here. We're all sitting at the bench gossiping and complaining about school. I really do miss high school and all the friends I used to see and talk to on a daily basis. Yeah, some come to school with me here in Berkeley, but I don't really see them all that often. It's just so strange thinking that three years ago I saw these folks in all my classes for about 35 hours a week (36 weeks a year?). Now, I'm even lucky if I see them once a semester.

Conclusion: Maybe I just suck at keeping friends? (As Jessica would say: "Your problem is friends, mine is boys.") Perhaps, but problems like this can always be overcome, right?

I think I know what I resolve to do in the new year: Rekindle friendships with some old friends. My issue has always been that of initiating conversation. But frick it, this new year, you'll hear from me...I promise.

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