Friday, December 31, 2010

Bring on 2011

It's that time of year again--time to think up some lofty new year's resolutions that I will find myself having trouble adhering to as soon as February comes around. Yeah, this has never worked out for me. Therefore for this year, I choose to be a little more realistic in setting forth my resolutions so I may actually have a chance of following through with these goals.

Here I go. In 2011, I resolve to:

1) Be a better student.
Okay, who hasn't heard of this one before? It's probably been on my past resolutions lists, so why not include it again. It doesn't hurt to be a better student. I guess this is all pretty self explanatory. I resolve to study harder, to procrastinate less, to attend study sessions and study groups as necessary, and to bombard my GSIs and professors with questions during office hours. Sounds easy enough...hopefully. I slacked a bit this past semester. I guess it's time that I really start fearing school again. I've seen that when I fear school (and failure), I work a little harder. In this case, internalizing a minimal dose of fear can work me wonders. 

2) Have more fun--specifically, be more open and outgoing to trying new things!
All work and no play makes me a dull girl. I have a pretty routine schedule most days: wake up, go to school, come back and do homework, sleep. There's always room to insert a little fun in that routine, right? I'm not the most outgoing person, so I'm usually not down to do or try new things. This year I hope to change that just a bit. I'd like to try foods I've never tried (like that outrageous fried baby octopus up there). I'd like to do some new exciting things. I'd like to have more fun.

3) Carry my camera around more often and take a ton more photos.
Sometimes I just don't feel like lugging it around, and other times I just forget. I will try to carry my camera with me most every day and snap away (:

These goals seem pretty attainable. Let's hope they are.
2010, it's been nice knowing you. 2011, hello.

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