Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I'm Loving Thursdays: Cream Cheese Frosting & Cupcakes

I've been thinking that I should post with themes/features on certain days just to give this blog a little more organization beyond the random ramblings I do. So far I've come up with "Things I'm Loving Thursdays".

I've been loving cream cheese frosting on cupcakes. I've never been particularly fond of cream cheese by itself, say on bagels. I do however, love cheesecake, and I guess now I'm loving cream cheese frosting!

We made these carrot cupcakes about a week ago. They were absolutely delicious! We had a lot of fun frosting and decorating these too!


  1. woooow I love them!!

    I need your help! If you like my look please vote me here

    Thank you sooooo much!

  2. cream cheese frosting is my favorite! i love the little animals too :)

  3. Delicious! I'll have about 7 please:-) xoxo

  4. This looks amazing! They're making me so hungry.

  5. aw, I love the little animals on the cupcakes! (not sure what you would call those? cupcake decorators? haha) and wow, cream cheese frosting on cupcakes? those are definitely interesting! I should give them a try soon :)

  6. mMmm! these reminds me of my son's 1st birthday. the cupcakes & the safari animal decoration toothpick thingies. lol!

    all your food posts are making crave things i shouldn't be craving at this hour... hehehe.

    ps. i like the idea of "things i'm loving thursdays" ... sounds great! :)


  7. HIDE THAT! Drooling over here!

  8. Yuuuum! Cream cheese frosting is my fave!