Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Yeah, we're hungry"

It's Thursday night. We're all studying very hard. We hadn't had dinner yet and it was 9:30 pm. Someone suggests wings and pizza and next thing you know we have 55-pieces of spicy buffalo wings, a large pizza, eight cheesy garlic twisty sticks, and a whole lot of ranch dipping sauce delivered to the apartment.

Delivery man: "This is a lot of food!"
Me: "Yeah, we're hungry."

So for six girls, this was a whole lot of food--definitely a late night pig out. No worries, we didn't actually finish all this food. We still have leftover wings in the fridge because seriously, 55 wings is a whole lot of food.

I expect to have gained pounds after all this stress-eating I've been doing for this round of midterms.


  1. YUM! :)

  2. looks tasty! now I'm really hungry ;P

    ~ x♥x♥ :)

  3. as soon as I saw those wings, I got hungry. I love those late night pig-outs! dang, I gotta get me some (spicy) wings now!