Wednesday, March 2, 2011

eggplant parmesan & air conditioning?

The roomies and I made this eggplant parmesan a while back. I love love love eggplant, so I was super excited that we decided to make this. It was labor intensive, but absolutely worth the time and effort it took to make! We even made the sauce from scratch. I've never made sauce from scratch! Totally delicious.

On another semi-related note, I've noticed that the roomies and I have been cooking way more this semester than any other. I guess we've all just become super fed-up with eating ramen and cereal all the time. We're cooking so much more now that we occasionally joke around about pitching a show to the Food Network about college students cooking on a college student budget. We'll be famous like Paula Deen!

We'll probably need to put cooking on hold for this coming week though. It's midterms round two! I need to be spending more time in the library and less time in the kitchen. AHHH, wish me luck!

Oh, and our heater has turned itself into an air conditioner.  Instead of blowing out nice warm air, it has become confused and insists on blowing out cold air. It just decided that it wanted to malfunction on us in this ridiculously cold weather. I slept with four blankets last night. We're working on getting this thing fixed...soon!


  1. i know what you mean about not having time to cook during midterms - i am usually out of food, don't have time to get groceries and eat the oddest combination of food.

  2. mmm, i love eggplant parm! so wish i had the need for an air conditioner right now. :)