Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Week Summer Break

It's been such a long time since I've updated. I will blame this on finals and the mild viral infection/disease I contracted during finals week. Finals week was tough as always, but what made it worse was the annoying viral infection. I had a huge headache that lingered around for a few days, a nasty fever accompanied by the chills, and to top it off, a body full of red bumps and rashes that made it look as if I had the chickenpox. I felt lethargic and worn-out. It took so much willpower just to get myself to study.

Thankfully finals are now over! I headed back home to "recover" in my comfy bed and to my mom's yummy food. Mom forbid me to leave the house at the beginning of the week because I was still feeling sick and my red bumps/rashes hadn't completely cleared up. Thank goodness it was a speedy recovery and I was able to accompany my high friends to a Giants game on Friday! It was such an exciting extra innings game! The Giants won, of course! It was such a fun time hanging out with some old friends and catching up. Oh, and I got a freebie "snuggie" sweater blanket! I was thinking about posting a photo of myself modeling it, but the thing looks ridiculously hideous on me so...nevermind.

This has been my one week summer vacation before I head back to school next Monday to start summer sessions. Booo...summer school!

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  1. finals are always a crazy time! glad you are feeling better, being sick is no fun :( LOVE your photos! you guys look awesome!