Saturday, February 26, 2011

grasshopper brownies!

I know it's Girl Scout cookie season right now, but I cannot find any of these Girl Scouts or their cookies for the life of me! Where are you Girl Scouts? I've been craving those yummy thin mints and samoas you bring around every year! Anyhow, my mint-chocolate cravings brought us to make grasshopper brownies for Wendy's whole birthday celebration thing. They turned out really good! These brownies did satisfy my intense mint-chocolate craving, but I still want my thin mints!

Recipe at: Love and Olive Oil's Grasshopper Brownie Bars


  1. wow those brownies look SOOO GOOD. drooling! and i love girl scouts season! hope you find some soon.. i just loaded up on thin mints and samoas

  2. These look ridiculously good. My roommate bought some Girl Scout cookies home the other day- they're apparently selling them on Sproul!

  3. holy crap. those look! hahaha. i have yet to find those girl scouts selling cookies around my area. :( darn! lol

    btw, i'll be having a giveaway as soon as i get 100 followers. be sure to stop by again soon :)


  4. those look amazing and make me want to bake right now!
    i've made grasshopper pie before