Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday

Judging from the first picture, it seems we're a group of pyromaniacs? Not really, we just really need to invest in matches or a lighter for our place. We've been lighting candles with paper and our electric stove. How lame. Anyway...

We celebrated Karina's 20th birthday at midnight yesterday. We surprised her with the same type of "cake" we got her last year -- some cookies and creme ice cream pie thing. The five of us pretty much spent the whole night devouring the pie and other junk food goods. Carrying our bloated selves off to our rooms after the grand feast, we all concluded that midnight might not be the best time to celebrate birthdays after all. Staying up past 2:30 am on a full stomach? Not a good thing.

We all woke up that morning feeling exhausted and still full from last night. Karina and I actually fell asleep in our history class. Sorry professor!

Karina's turning twenty really got me thinking last night about growing up. I feel like I just barely turned nineteen, but I know that twenty is right around the corner. Soon enough, I'll be in my twentieth year of life. In reflection, the last nine-tenish years I can characterize as being significantly formative. From child to adolescent to adult all in one decade of life, I definitely experienced much change and growth. Half a year to go! Let's see what I can make of my last days as a nineteen-year-old before I hit that grand twenty!

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