Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"When was the last time..."

When was the last time I was in Chinatown prior to this past Monday? Oh gosh, I really cannot remember. It has been a good while though. Whitney and I decided to venture out to Chinatown on Monday to get our hair done. I'm cheap and I do not feel comfortable paying the average San Francisco price (about $60.00-ish) for a haircut. Thank you Chinatown for having salons priced for my budget! I know that there may be risks involved in getting a "cheap" haircut, but I've sort of learned to ignore that and reason with myself that even if a haircut turns out horrid, hair does grow back. What's life without a little risk, eh?

Scouring pages and pages of salons on Yelp, we finally settled to get our hair done at "La Vii" on Stockton. It received decent reviews and was within our price range. I wasn't really too sure how I wanted my hair done--I just wanted my bangs re-done and a simple trim at the least.

"When was the last time you cut your hair?" asks the stylist. "Uhm, it's actually been a year. I have been trimming my bangs though." He chuckles. Yeah, I know a year is a long long time. Yes, I know that I should be getting trims every six weeks or so. It's just my last haircut turned out pretty badly. My bangs were thinned out until they were wispy as frick and the overall too-short cut was just not doing it for me. I decided that I wanted to grow it out. As the months went by and my hair slowly started to grow (my hair grows at the slowest pace imaginable) I convinced myself that I didn't need any trims. Whenever I go into a salon and ask for say an inch trim, the stylist chops off at least two inches. For someone trying to grow out their hair, I decided that hair trims would be counterproductive to my overall goal. Kinda stupid reasoning in retrospect...

Anyway, this haircut turned out good. My stylist guy communicated well, telling me every thing he was doing to my hair and giving me suggestions on how to style it, etc. My overall cut looks fine. I know I don't sound too excited, but that's because I'm waiting for it to grow out a bit more. I usually don't jump to final conclusions/judgments on a cut until maybe a good two-three weeks after I get my hair done. I like to give the haircut fair time to convince me to like it (:

Whitney seemed to like her cut too. Even if this cut doesn't turn out to be super great after my allotted three week "haircut woo me" period, it's okay because cut and wash was only $20.00. Totally reasonable.

Then we got hungry and ate a lot of food. Story of my life, right?

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