Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Socialization & School

With midterms coming up next week, I've been trying to catch up on the two-three weeks of reading I'm behind on in both Anthropology and History. I can say without a doubt that this semester has definitely been my most difficult yet. The good majority of my classes are very reading and writing intensive which pretty much leaves me drafting papers every two weeks or so, and reading hundreds of pages a week. I'm in a "struggle," as my history professor would put it. I've just got to stay focused.

On socialization, well, what socialization? I guess I mean my lack thereof socialization. I have never really been a sociable person ever. Being in college has definitely made this clear to me. I have prioritized school, leaving me little time for other things. I already use three calendars (my iCal, my agenda/planner, and my oversized wall calendar) to help me manage my time, but I could definitely organize my life a little better perhaps to find time for friends and other leisurely things. I mean if other people can have social lives and balance school, why can't I?

Excuse my little pre-midterm funk. I'm usually not a downer.
On a happier note, the picture of the bird above is of a necklace I just received in the mail. It's super cute and the brass gives it a sort of antique-y look that I'm totally in love with. Its cuteness definitely helps to put me in better spirits.

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