Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break & Food!

I can say that I eat pretty well whenever I'm back home. Mom cooks a lot of food and insists that I eat all of it. "You're looking a little thin, go eat another bowl of rice!" Uhm, no thanks mom, I think I've actually been gaining weight back at school if anything.

Aside from my mom cooking up a banquet, I make it a goal to eat out a bunch whenever I'm back. San Francisco really has the best restaurants, the best food, and the best variety. Andy and I went out for pho and falafel yesterday. Yes, pho AND falafel. What can I say? We like food.

Andy really wanted to eat at some Vietnamese restaurant out in the Tenderloin that he had sampled with a couple of his friends a few weeks ago. Being lazy and unwilling to travel too far, we settled to eat somewhere a bit more location-convenient. We settled on Loi's on Irving. I've heard pretty good things about this little hole-in-the-wall. Small and not really the cleanliest place on earth, it is however, super cheap and satisfies my craving. perfectly fine. $3.95 for a bowl of noodle soup? Sweeeeet!

I had been craving falafel for a while as well. Andy wanted some too, so off we went to Sunrise Deli to pick up a dozen. Hey, don't judge.

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