Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obsession and Compulsion

I have an obsession with organizing my life. I like planning out what I do before I do it. Nay to spontaneity for me. I like being hyper-aware of tasks I need to complete and deadlines I need to meet. Oh, that rhymed!

I can get very spacey at times and it is imperative to stay organized and keep note of my commitments and appointments so I don't miss anything I need to do. My memory doesn't often serve me too well so I find that writing things down and keeping a record/records of written sort helps me out a great deal.

My compulsion in response to this? I keep four calendars--three super important and highly functional calendars and one sorta for the aesthetics of my room. I just love the fourth calendar so much I had to mention it, haha. Anyway, I have a huge wall calendar with tons of writing space under each day of the month, my iCal and my agenda/planner. I keep these babies updated like mad. My giant wall calendar and iCal pretty much function in the same way in that they are where I jot down general assignment due dates, test dates, appointments, meetings, social events, etc. My agenda is my place to write down my day-to-day school assignments, but whatever goes on my wall calendar and iCal also appear in my agenda.

Keeping a busy schedule organized has definitely been a very helpful addition to my life. This year is the most organized I have ever been. I kept a planner in high school, but barely used it. Last year I had a wall calendar to keep track of big assignments and events and such, but I didn't use an agenda. I just started using one again this year and I am so glad I am. It's so annoying flipping through my five different syllabi for my five classes every day to check what homework I need to complete. I hate dealing with loose paper. With my agenda, I take a look at my syllabi maybe once every two weeks and jot down in my agenda all the work I need to do.

This was a long entry. Concluding remarks: calendars and agendas are nifty little things to keep the college student organized and on top of her game (:

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